TOMEI Car Turbo

Modeling Time-lapse - TOMEI Car Turbo

Billy sullivan turbo4 edit large notext

High poly rendered front.

Billy sullivan turbo4 edit 3 long

High poly rendered front 3/4

Game resolution model.

Billy sullivan turbo5 wire long

High poly wire

Billy sullivan turbo4 clay 2

High poly clay_front

Billy sullivan turbo4 clay 1

High poly clay_back

Billy sullivan reference


Over the weekend i modeled and textured a Car Turbo, and recorded the whole process from start to finish, so i put together a Time-Lapse. :) Also included is a game res version of the model which i did at a later stage.
It's not perfect, but i did as best i could with what i could see in my Reference and without being too pedantic.
I plan to go back and fix up the texturing/UV's as i was out of time and resorted to an Auto unwrap which gave me some expected artifacts in the Substance baked maps.

February 21, 2017