1972 National Panasonic Boombox model.

Billy sullivan panasonic high2 edit

Textured Front

Billy sullivan panasonic high3 edit

Textured top

Realtime - 1972 National Panasonic Boombox

Billy sullivan panasonic high4 edit

Textured_ back

Billy sullivan square ortho low


Billy sullivan render 03 raw 2 edit 2

Clay wip render.

Billy sullivan wireframe angle 3

Wire 1

Billy sullivan wireframe angle 5

Wire 2

Billy sullivan wireframe angle 6

Wire 3

Billy sullivan wireframe front

Wire 4

Billy sullivan wireframe angle 2

Wire 5

1972 National Panasonic Radio Highpoly Turnaround.

Tips and tricks in 3dsmax.

Billy sullivan dial

Here's a little breakdown of the modifier stack i used for the dials, i go into more depth in the above tips and tricks video. Using the clone modifier for 3dsmax, by itoo software.

Billy sullivan frontgrill

Breakdown of the center grill modifier stack. Using the clone modifier for 3dsmax, by itoo software.

One of my hobbies is collecting vintage radios, so as a personal project i decided to model the first radio i ever got. A 1972 National Panasonic boombox. I spent quite some time trying to get all the details into the Highpoly, as i wanted to do the radio justice. I then modeled a mid poly version for texturing. This model wasn't specifically meant to be a Realtime asset, as it would be too Highpoly for games. But mostly to create a lower poly shell that would give me the resolution i wanted for all the details, and also allow quicker texturing in substance.

I've included a video going through some of the processes i used throughout the modeling of the Highpoly, and the Realtime Sketchfab model that has been textured.

Hope you like it!

May 20, 2017