Sentience - A title sequence for a fake HBO TV series.

Sentience - Final title sequence.

Third year University class 'title sequence' project - RMIT b.des (animation).
Created by Zada herbert, Mike ring, Billy sullivan & Michael welst.
Zada: lighting, texturing, storyboarding & animatic.
Mike: modelling, animation, cinematography & post production.
Billy: complex modelling, photo bashing & general wizardry.
Michael: cameras, rigging, print media & animation.
special thanks:
Helen dickson & rebecca hayes for mentorship.
Den de'hoedt for custom edit of 'apocalypse in 7/8' by the delorean / the cancer foundation.
Modelled and animated in maya, 3ds max & zbrush.
textured in substance painter.
rendered in renderman.
baby photobash in photoshop.
post production and editing in after effects.
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June 11, 2016