"Fancy Dragon" Friday 500 Tri challenge.

Billy sullivan dragon

500 Tri lighter.

Billy sullivan uv layout

UV layout.

Billy sullivan zbrush 2

High resolution sculpt.

Billy sullivan wire 1

Low resolution mesh.

(Wasn't happy with how the center flame turned out in sketchfab, but have yet to sort out why sketchfab makes it so dark)

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This is another 500 triangle model challenge.
You're limited to 500 tris, and 512 x 512 maps.

The theme this week was "Fancy dragon" so i decided to go for something simple.
Low res base mesh was modeled up first, then taken into zbrush to sculpt the high res details. then after the low res was finalized i brought both into substance for baking and texturing.

January 23, 2017