Sentience - Spine Concept.

Billy sullivan hand final

Robotic Hand. (3d)

Billy sullivan heart final

Robotic Heart. (3d)

Billy sullivan dna strand

DNA strand infused with binary . (3d)

Billy sullivan suspention render edit 2

Spinal Suspension piece. (3d)

Billy sullivan spine full render 2 edit

Close up of the spine. (3d)

Billy sullivan second spine concept 10mb

Sentience spine concept. (2d)

Billy sullivan baby render

WIP of the skeleton. (3d)

Watch Sentience here:

What if HBO/Netflix did a TV series based in a world similar to that of Isaac Asimov’s “I, Robot” stories. And the title sequence reflected a robotic conception with metal and plastic mimicking organic processes.

This idea is what we are creating for my third year University studio class.
The Project brief is to created either an opening, or closing sequence for a media piece that either exists, or is conceptual.

“Sentience” will be a minute and a half in length, and will comprise of 3d elements combining and forming into a robotic/bio-engineered baby.

You can follow the blog for this project via the link below. :)

April 16, 2016